Service Descriptions

Eco Exterior & Interior Deluxe Wash: Wipe all plastic inside the vehicle, vacuum, clean windows inside and outside, wheel brightener cleaner, rinse vehicle, wash vehicle with carnauba wax soap ( gives a shinny finish look), hand dry, and finally put long lasting dressing around the tires. (What most detail and mobile detail shops called a mini detail)

Eco Ext. & Int. Deluxe Wash + Hand Wax: deluxe wash process and we put a layer of low grain wax by hand and we remove it by hand. (Protects your paint from oxidation and corrosion. Highly recommended at least once a month or every two months).

Eco Interior Wipe Down with Shampoo: Wipe all plastics with more detail, clean air vents, vacuum, clean windows inside, and shampoo carpets, floor matts, and seats. (This service takes about 2-3 hours depending on the condition of the vehicle)